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One day in the not too distant future, we will occupy the Moon and Mars. We will need to grow our own food using advanced Hydroponic plant technology, create our own water from minerals found in martian soil, create breathable oxygen, generate power and recycle our waste for absolute maximum efficiency and basic survival.

Hydroponic plant systems allow you to grow plants without needing soil using nutrience in water.

Check out this cool video of one of AwesomeClub's friends 'Prince Xpisto' from the USA, who has given us permission to show us one of his unique home hydroponic plant systems. Thank you Prince!

Here is a quick 1 minute video of a personal AwesomeClub tour with NASA's Kennedy Space Centre Chief Operating Officer Therrin Protze showing a FarmBot Vege lab that collects data from students and sends it back to NASA!

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Agricultural Technology

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