our mission

our mission


Learning should be fun and engaging, being creative is awesome!  The Awesome Club's mission is to inspire and develop the next generation talent of tomorrow through the power of play and learning. 

why join?


By joining the Awesome Club, you will be connected to a like-minded community of awesome people and creators all around Australia as well as rest of the World.

You will also be able to participate in an annual competition to showcase your talent, school, learn and have fun!



member benefits

  • Access to World Class mentors on Innovation and Technology

  • Access to our Newsletter on latest technologies creating positive impact to our society 

  • Unlock access to courses developed by real teachers and award winners including the winner of International Grand Prize Lego Competitions

  • Free access to Course Materials and Workshop Resources

  • Free access to Anti-Bullying app for Students

  • Free access to Emergency app for Students and Parents 

  • Participate in Awesome Clubs events

  • Participate in Awesome Club annual competitions



Our courses are not only fun, they have been voted as one of the most engaging learning experiences for participants.  It has been proven, interactive education programs have greater engagement and retention of knowledge compared to simply reading text in books.

Below are some examples of what you will be able to create and achieve.  So "Awesome!"  

Awesome Club Course includes:

  • Content that ties into the curriculum 

  • Tap into imaginations to design and build things that are incredible

  • Render ultra life-like images based on LEGO

  • Create VR (Virtual Reality) from 3D designs 

  • Create annotations (text that connects to your VR model), 3D surround sound for an awesome experience

  • Explore using VR, AR or even Mixed Reality

  • Stay engaged with World Class Innovation and Technology Programs 

Use your imagination to design, build digital prototypes, and make dreams become a reality. One of our Awesome Club founders built and won an international LEGO NASA design competition of a Moon to Mars Transport system which will be displayed in the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, USA.

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